We suggest the right alternative for the real economic blockchain.

The Tethys Project solves various technical issues of existing blockchains and provides a new business environment based on real economy.

Economic Decentralization

Anyone can participate in blockchain operations, and all contributors are rewarded fairly

Evolution of Business

Aims to expand business, economic transparency through compatibility with existing financial systems


Tethys consensus algorithm and smart contract maximize efficiency with minimal resources


through real name authentication

Real name authentication is required to participate in Tethys as a node. It doesn't matter if you're simply creating an electronic wallet and using services linked to Tethys, but to participate as a member of the network, you need to be authenticated with a real name authentication system such as a bank and a telecommunication company.

Tethys is a public chain operated by identified users. Only authenticated participants handle transactions, so the network can operate transparently. You can't verify the identity of each node because you can only see aliases, but this helps prevent fraud because you can verify or track the identity as needed.​


Another alternative for scalability
Local Chain

Unlike traditional blockchains that only use one chain globally, Tethys splits the chain according to country, city, and sometimes purpose. Dividing a chain by region can reduce the number of transactions that need to be processed in one chain, and the more chains you create, the better the overall performance.

Tethys will connect numerous local chains around the world to create one huge chain network that can move assets freely between local chains.

Our tech


Fair Consensus Algorithm, 'PoRG'

​In many consensus algorithms so far, a small number of nodes have created most of the blocks and gained most of the profit. As a result, the majority of nodes work without maintenance and maintain a blockchain network. The new algorithm, PoRG, designed by Tethys allows all nodes that have been authenticated blindly grouped together to form blocks. By giving everyone equal opportunities and qualifications, we evenly distribute revenue to all nodes that maintain the network, thereby increasing security by motivating them to maintain the network.

Easy contract that anyone can create

Currently, smart contracts created on most blockchains are designed from the developer’s point of view and are too difficult for the average person to use. This is also because we are trying to pack too many more features than necessary. But more functionality comes with more computations, which in turn leads to a more centralized network.

Tethys smart contract supports easy language and tools for anyone to create a contract, and the optimal, compact design makes the functionality really useful.


  • 2019 Q3

    Basic Concept Design

    - Proof of Randomized Group

    - Standard Contract with DYM

    - Node Structure

  • 2019 Q4

    Initial release of DevNet · TestNet
    Initial release of Tethys Wallet

  • 2020 Q1

    Improvement of TestNet

    - DYM Support

    - Standard Contract Web Editor

  • 2020 Q2

    Release of Tethys MainNet 1.0

    - Stable P2P networking

    - Inter-chain Protocol Support

    - Archiving Server Support

  • 2020 Q3 ~ Q4

    Improvement of MainNet

  • 2021 ~

    MainNet 2.0

The Greatest people.




  • Vice President of
  • CEO of Evatar Korea
  • CMO of GONGGAMES Corp.
  • Business Director of Danal Games
  • B.S. Material Engineering in Kangnung Univ.



  • Research Director, theVaulters Inc.
  • Ph.D in Information and Communication Engineering, Inha Univ.



  • CTO of theVaulters, Inc.
  • Worked at SK HMS America Inc.
  • Ph.D candidate in Information Security, Inha Univ.

Hyunchul Jung

System Developer

Minyoung Song

Android Developer

hyejin kim

Back-end Developer

soomin park

Front-end Developer



  • CEO of L&T Network
  • CFO of PearlAbyss Corp.
  • KB Securities, Macquarie
  • B.B.A. Seoul National Univ.


  • (former) Director of Korea Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Financial policy director at the Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Northern Illinois Univ.
  • B.C. Seoul National Univ.

Changhoon Shin

  • Executive Director of VIG Partners
  • AC of Boston Consulting Group
  • Founding Partner of SynerNet, Inc.
  • B.B.A. Seoul National Univ.

Junwook kim

  • CIO of IGIS PE
  • Managing Director of Macquarie Capital Korea
  • Manager of WooriBank IB Group
  • B.Econ. Yonsei Univ.

Seunghun Han

  • Assistant Professor in Pharmacology, College of Medicine, The Catholic Univ.
  • Corporate Affairs director of Clinical Pharmacology in Seoul St.Mary’s Hospital
  • General Manager of Clinical Trial Center in Seoul St.Mary’s Hospital

Byeongin Yoon

  • Director of C&R Research Inc.
  • General Manager of C&R Research China Inc.
  • Singapore General Manager of C&R Research Global Pte, Ltd.
  • B.L. Sungkyunkwan Univ.